In 1990, despite changes brought to the building on Rue des Vétérinaires, we experienced a lack of space making it difficult to keep up with our growth. Plastiques Yamaska ​​then moved its operations to its present location on Boulevard Choquette in the industrial park. Then again in 1999, another expansion became necessary. The total work area then encompassed 35,400 square feet. Since its launch, Plastiques Yamaska ​​has greatly diversified its clientele. From a few in 1973, customers now number in the hundred. Its customers are found in various industries such as automotive, recreational facilities, furniture, electrical and electronic components, just to name a few. Annually, Plastiques Yamaska's ​​management heavily invests in the company in order to acquire new equipment, even more efficient to improve productivity, product quality and service to its customers. Moreover, Plastiques Yamaska includes​ under the same roof both its machine shop and production of plastic so that we ​​can offer our customers an unparalleled service in the manufacturing, maintenance and repair of your molds.